GigaPX Tools

Convert, Crop, Resize, Split and Merge

GigaPX Tools

GigaPX Tools is a set of useful functions to manage huge pictures easily. It supports, both for input and output, three of the most used file formats for gigapixel images: RAW, TIFF/bigTIFF and KRO with 8-bit or 16-bit color depth.

Format conversion : converts gigapixel images from one of the supported formats to a different one.

Crop (Windows Windows only) : useful to cut out the black areas around the image borders or to extract a portion of the picture.

Resize (Windows Windows only) : scales down an image to any dimension. Handful to get a quick preview of the rendered image, to publish it on a web page, to print a copy or set it as desktop background.

Split : divides the big picture in a set of small images. In this way it’s possible to edit the tiles that need to be adjusted with Photoshop, Gimp or similar programs.

Merge : reverts the set of tiles back to the gigaimage.

Learn more, download the user manual:

Windows Windows version      Mac Mac OS X version

Choose your edition

GigaPX Tools is distributed in three different editions : Free, Lite and Professional. The Free version is free both for personal and commercial use. See the table below for the differences between the versions.

Max image side dimension (width or height)150,000 pixel300,000 pixel100,000,000 pixel
Max image size2.0 gigapixel6.0 gigapixelNo limits
Max tile side dimension (width or height)30,00030,0001,000,000
Price ---- Windows € 19.90
Mac € 19.90
Windows € 60.00
Mac € 50.00

GigaPX Tools for Mac : tested with "OS X Sierra" and "OS X High Sierra".